Finding Out the Names of New Members

Current and former Members of Libera

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Finding Out the Names of New Members

Post by Amie_Hill » 3 years ago

Although I regularly post names and photos of new members (as they appear) on the Libera Timeline (2014 section is ), one of the best concentrated sources for keeping current on Libera singers is Quentin/thefurby's "Libera Passion" site: ... j-mai-2014

The site (in French) is especially good at staying up to date, posting the names and photos of current members and newbies (with their birthdays when available) and even those newly absent from previous appearances. It also has names/photos/birthdays for all former members, beginning with Ben Crawley and Liam O' Kane in their Libera-after-Angel-Voices days. A great resource!

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Re: Finding Out the Names of New Members

Post by Sue » 2 years ago

Thanks to Amie, this really is a great source. :)

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