Libera at Songs of Praise 'Big Sing' 2017

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Re: Libera at Songs of Praise 'Big Sing' 2017

Post by fan_de_LoK » 6 days ago

katyafan wrote:I don't want to wait until the holidays!!!!
I'm spoiled by going to their concerts and I WANT MORE NOW!!!!!
hahaha :lol:

Well, perhaps I can bring you a little bit more.
The attendance was strongly urged to not take any photo or video during the artists performances, and of course I complied with that rule.
But I dare take one photo at the very end, when they were leaving the stage, see here.
That photo has no interest, it's just a quick instant snap, but perhaps it will help you to wait the 4 months before the video.

Funny, while walking to leave the stage, they were all very amused by the smoke around their feet and robes :)
On this photo the smoke has already vanished a lot compared to what it was during the song.

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