Escolania de Montserrat - Vater Unser

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Escolania de Montserrat - Vater Unser

Post by maartendas » 5 months ago

Really surprised that this video was not posted on here before. I assumed it was on here but I did a search and it didn't come up. It's a version of the Vater Unser by Arvo Pärt (Vater Unser means Our Father - it's the Lord's Prayer sung in German).
The soloist is Lluís Travesset and this performance is a contemporary classic from day one. It's one of my go-to videos for consolation, prayer and simply beautiful music.

Today I found out that it has finally been released on CD, four years after the video was posted. Among the other songs on the album is the Pie Jesu posted in the Other Choirs etc. topic elsewhere. The album is called 'Música Espiritual Contemporània'.

Just thought everyone should know :wink:
laudate Domino in laetitia

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Re: Escolania de Montserrat - Vater Unser

Post by alcesalcesobservator » 5 months ago

That was really lovely!

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Re: Escolania de Montserrat - Vater Unser

Post by bachmahlerfan » 2 weeks ago

I actually found this on Youtube and decided to check this forum to see if the video was mentioned. I mentioned in the "Introduce Yourself" subforum that while I am a fan of Libera, I've never really been into boy choirs and soloists, except for a few pieces of music. Well, I can definitely add this one to those few pieces of music. I usually don't care for boy trebles when they sing at the lower end of their vocal range (at least not in a classically trained style), but this soloist sounded great! It makes me wish that Arvo Part would write a lot more music specifically for boy trebles.

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