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The rules of the Libera Dreams FanForum and Server issues.
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Forum Rules

Post by paul » 2 years ago


As a registered member of the Libera Dreams Discussion Forum, you are required to abide by the following rules and regulations to help protect other users, the website and the Libera boys themselves from any harm.
  1. Do not use vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, ethnic slurs, hate speech, or sexually explicit language, or harass, abuse, or threaten other subscribers in the discussion forums. Do not libel or defame others. This site strongly disapproves flaming.
  2. No advertising, trading of goods and services, or other commercial use allowed. No bulk e-mail, junk email or spam, chain letters, or repeat postings of the same message is permitted anywhere on the forum, this includes links in your signature.
  3. Do not post/attach or link to copyrighted/pirated content including software,movies,music,bootlegs,etc. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-printing material without permission will receive a warning and their post will be removed.
  4. Treat other subscribers and the Libera boys (the present as well as the former) with courtesy and respect when posting messages to the discussion groups. No unnecessary name calling or abuse toward any subscriber allowed.
  5. Use your own username when posting to the discussion forums. Do not impersonate anyone else.
  6. Conduct yourselves in a proper, respectful and mature manner at all times and avoid shouting (using all capital letters) in the discussion forums.
  7. Do not post, share or ask for any personal information about any of the Libera boys, the present as well as the former.
  8. Should you decide to post some news or info, please keep the personal information of the boy private.* This includes and is not limited to any video, or social media that is outside of normal Libera business.(Even is the content has been released to the public domain)
  9. Keep on topic! Responses to a particular thread should be on-topic and pertain to the discussion. Users should use the New Topic button to start a new discussion which would otherwise be off-topic in the current thread. Threads that are off topic may be closed by the moderator. When creating new threads, please be sure to post in the correct forum. Do not post off-topic in any forum or thread.
  10. If you are replying to a post, don't quote the complete mail of the original poster. Quote only the relevant sentence or paragraph in order to understand your reply in the right context than posting the entire conversation over and over again.
    And also don't quote posts with images or Videos. If you do, edit the image or the Video out. We don't need to see the same picture three times in a row.
  11. This is an English speaking community so all posting should be in English. (With the exception on Latin, which must be used in the same original context as used by Libera)
* News or information in this case can be defined as news about the choir and info of the choir as a whole, obtained by a current or former chorister, family member, etc.


Depending on the severity of the violation, we will usually give you a warning first, but if the violation is bad enough or in case of spamming, we will ban you permanently on the spot.

1st Offense: Post/Topic edited or deleted and a warning from Administrator or Moderator in the Thread and a Red Flag added to status

2nd Offense:
Post/Topic edited or deleted and permanent ban from forum and website

The privacy and protection of the boys from Libera is one of our main priority. We will not tolerate people trying to break that privacy and protection. We will report any suspicious activity and give out personal information of those people to the responsible of Libera and they will decide on a proper action.

With all this said, have fun and express yourselves! Thanks guys!!
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